FIT TO TRAIN™ exists to help people maximize their physical potential. We achieve this by empowering our patients with tools that enables them to live and train effective and safely. We are not a multidisciplinary clinic, we are an INTER-DICIPLINARY team. It is through the collective knowledge and skills of our team that we achieve results. Click here for the list of conditions we treat.

for the list of conditions we treat.

FIT TO TRAIN team members only work one-on-one with clients. Our clients will often work with more than one team member in order to facilitate their return to optimal function as effectively as possible. We believe that through unhurried care and expertise we can achieve results. Click here for the list of treatment techniques/modalities available.

We welcome individuals of all ages and manage a wide variety of conditions that range from acute to chronic injuries and conditions. FIT TO TRAIN also works with fitness professionals and enthusiasts from around the globe. Click here for a list of a few clients that you may recognize.

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