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What People Say About Our Clinical Services

"The team genuinely cares about you and your journey"

"I was physically, emotionally, and mentally out of gas. After a few months of working with the team at FIT TO TRAIN my mind-body system is thriving and there is a dramatic difference in the way I feel and look. The team inspires you to believe in yourself and your abilities and to make yourself a priority. This team is professional, dedicated, committed, supportive, collaborative, and passionate and provide you with the highest level of client care. Their realistically designed training program/plan encourages you to safely maximize your potential while applying self-discipline. You will not find another clinic with their level of expertise that uses teamwork and their combined skill set to help you successfully and safely achieve your goals. They provide you the tools you need for your body and mind to thrive. The team genuinely cares about you and your journey to health and wellness."
- Nancy B., Fashion designer and a full-time Teacher  

"If you want someone to ice your knee or rub your back – you’d best look somewhere else"

"It is not by luck that I’m in my 50’s and can play field hockey on a team of “kids” in their 20’s, and worse, their teens! It’s because the team of clinicians at this clinic got to the root cause of my injuries and showed me how to stay healthy enough to play a game I love. If you want someone to ice your knee or rub your back – you’d best look somewhere else. But, if you want to figure out why you got hurt in the first place and how to heal properly; to keep training, playing and competing now, and, well, your whole life, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m FIT TO TRAIN… and incredibly grateful to say so."
- Gloria L., Executive Director, Global Marketing, Destination Canada

"Here, everyone talks, shares and collaborates"

"The team of health care practitioners at FIT TO TRAIN is quite simply world class. I've been to dozens upon dozens of practitioners over the years to battle chronic pain and a variety of sports injuries. No other clinic has come close to the level of expertise, client care, attention to detail and interdisciplinary communication offered here. What stands out the most is the team work of the group. With a variety of industry experts, you get access to not one, but many sets of skills and experiences all working together to get you the results you need. This was the approach that I found so lacking in previous treatments where I was left feeling like I had to start over at the beginning each time I saw a new practitioner. Here, everyone talks, shares and collaborates so that the patient feels totally taken care of. I can honestly say that I've never felt better and I owe it all to the team at FIT TO TRAIN. Couldn't possibly recommend them more.
- Ben C., Real Estate Consultant,

"A life changing experience"

"After hurting my foot in a farming accident I arrived to see Behnad as a struggling athlete dealing with a very unusual and complicated injury. It had been approximately 4 years since my original injury and nothing was getting better. After my first consultation I had made more progress with Behnad than all of my other sports doctor combined. Since treatment I have experienced 100% pain free running and improved in all distances from 800m to 10000m! I look forward to my continual work with FIT TO TRAIN! It has truly been a life changing experience!"
- Blair J., Athlete, Trinity Western University/Team British Columbia Track and Field Programs

"Allowed me to recover ahead of schedule"

As a professional hockey player it's my job to keep my body in the best shape possible in order to succeed. After suffering a serious back injury, I was overwhelmed and needed to embrace a different way of training in order to compensate, at the same time allowing me to get back to a peak fitness level. The staff at FIT TO TRAIN employed a multidisciplinary approach that was unique and very successful. Their belief in my abilities, combined with a custom tailored program, allowed me to recover ahead of schedule and return to the game I love playing.
- Mason Raymond, NHL Hockey Player, Vancouver Canucks

"gave me the tools to keep myself healthy long term."

I suffered from chronic back pain for years before seeing Behnad. He helped me get to a place where I am pain free and gave me the tools to keep myself healthy long term. I've recommended him to at least a dozen of my friends, and they all say the same thing: Behnad is amazing.
- Tiffany C., Communications Consultant

"I was immediately struck by the difference in his approach"

I came to Behnad several years ago with a hip problem that had become progressively worse despite trying different medicines and several physiotherapists. It had reached a point where I was about to schedule a hip replacement. On my first visit with Behnad, I was immediately struck by the difference in his approach, in particular the time and care he took to get the best diagnosis of my condition. After three visits and several months of following the exercise program he recommended in a disciplined fashion, I had made a remarkable improvement. Since then several of my children have seen him for different conditions and I have been impressed by how he has tailored his advice to their unique circumstances and recommended other excellent health specialists where that was the right treatment for them.

Behnad has made a great difference to my quality of life and I can strongly recommend him.
- Dan Jarvis

"Unlike any other physio clinic I’ve been to"

FIT TO TRAIN’s team of physiotherapists is unlike any other physio clinic I’ve been to. More important than anything is the amount that the physiotherapists care about your recovery. I am in constant communication via phone and e-mail with my physio, which allows my treatment to be responsive to how I’m feeling that day. My physios have given me the perfect balance of autonomy and support throughout my treatment that allow me to help guide my recovery, while still knowing that I have incredibly capable hands facilitating and supporting me throughout the process.
- Gillian C., Student, UBC


What People Say About Our Courses


"A very challenging course, that questions traditional methods of exercise prescription"

Based on the dysfunctions discernibly identified by the screen, the corrective exercises systemically offer a way to INSTANTLY modify these imbalances and weaknesses. Behnad showed us how to isolate, integrate and finally assimilate proper movements into an efficient pattern. A very challenging course, that questions traditional methods of exercise prescription.
- Maria Gallo, Professor, University of British Columbia, School of Kinesiology

"Courses offered by FIT TO TRAIN go far beyond anything else"

The courses offered by FIT TO TRAIN go far beyond anything else that is being taught in the Strength and Conditioning industry today. Their incredibly knowledgable and helpful staff commit themselves to ensuring that individuals going through their courses have at least one "ah-ha!" moment and leave the course with a new outlook on training. There is no question that if you're looking to become a leader in your industry and help your clients achieve goals they never thought they could, FIT TO TRAIN can help.
- Mischa Harris, Sideout Athlete Development Founder & President; Director of Sport Science at the Volleyball Centre of Excellence at the Richmond Olympic Oval

"It's very hard to come across teachers who really inspire you"

I just wanted to thank you again for an amazing weekend at the FMS Level 2 course. It's very hard to come across teachers who really inspire you and really make you think and apply your knowledge. I truly believe your energy and passion for learning really made the course that much more enjoyable.
- Marilyn C., Kinesiology student

"Legitimate industry leaders"

Behnad, and the FIT TO TRAIN crew, are legitimate industry leaders. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't take the opportunity to learn directly from them.
- Cian Lanigan, Strength & Conditioning Specialist

"Their approach works"

I have had the privilege of being mentored by FIT TO TRAIN over the last two years through FMS Level 1, FMS Level 2, and an advanced mentorship program. Each educational experience with FIT TO TRAIN has been eye-opening and rich with information that displays the wealth of knowledge and experience that Behnad and Mon Jef possess. I have also visited FIT TO TRAIN as a physiotherapy client, and after seeing improvement after only one session, it is evident that their approach works and that they practice what they preach. I am very fortunate to have networked with FIT TO TRAIN early in my career as a strength & conditioning coach, and I strongly encourage anyone else who prescribes exercise for a living to do the same.
- Aaron Chew, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning

"They are always helpful and gently guide you to the right answer"

I recently completed my Functional Movement Screen level one and two as well as the "Top Gun" mentorship with FIT TO TRAIN. All courses were taught by Behnad and Monjef who are excellent instructors. They are always helpful and gently guide you to the right answer. Which considering the number of questions I ask is bonus. I looked forward in taking the next course with Behnad and Monjef.
- Catherine Brown, Strength & Conditioning Specialist

"This has proven to be the reason for the success and rapid growth of my company"

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have taken FMS level 1 with FIT TO TRAIN early on in my career as a strength & conditioning specialist. Behnad's experience, knowledge, and teachings opened my eyes to a system that completely changed the way I train. I was inspired to learn more so since taking level 1, I've taken level 2, and have been mentored by Behnad and Mon Jeff in their amazing mentorship program. Their mentoring has expanded my knowledge and confidence as a movement coach to truly help our clients and positively change their lives. This has proven to be the reason for the success and rapid growth of my company. I highly recommend taking courses and programs offered by FIT TO TRAIN.
- Anthony Agtarap, Owner, Head Trainer Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning