NEW RATES for Dr. Seema Kanwal starting in 1/Jul/2024. Please refer FEES PAGE under Naturopathic Medicine tab for details.

Appointment cancellation and/or rescheduling policy:

FIT TO TRAIN has a very strict 24 hours appointment cancellation and/or rescheduling policy. As per your signed Service Agreement, clients will be FULLY charged for the cost of the appointment. Clients have to contact the clinic via phone (leave a voicemail  if no answer), email or fax to cancel or reschedule an appointment 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment inclusive of weekends and holidays (admin staff will be monitoring voicemail, email and fax during weekends and holidays). 365 days a year, all we require is 24 hours notice for cancellation and/or rescheduling your appointment. If you are unsure or if you have questions regarding the clinic's 24 hours cancellation policy please contact us and one of our staff will be happy to answer your questions. 

Courses and Mentorships cancellation:

Payment in full is due with registration and there is a non-refundable cancellation fee of $100. There will be no refunds given under any circumstances after the two week (14 calendar days) mark prior to a seminar. FIT TO TRAIN Human Performance Systems Inc. reserves the right to cancel the course due to unforeseen/unavoidable circumstances. In the event of cancellation FIT TO TRAIN Human Performance Systems Inc. will not be responsible for any charges incurred by the registrant due to cancellation of the course, other than the course registration fee.