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TRS Activ8r

The TRS (Tension Relief System) Activ8r™ delivers effective myofascial release in a package that’s versatile, portable, freezable and washable.

The high-density construction and contoured design of the TRS Activ8r™ allows it to sink deep into the tissue achieving a true soft-tissue release, even in hard to reach places, like the mid-back, hip flexors and foot arches. The Activ8r is perfect for home, clinic or gym use. More than just a self-massage tool, the Activ8r is part of the Tension Relief System that was created to help people achieve their “best movement” in daily life and recreational activities. TRS can relieve nagging back pain, increase range of motion, improve posture and prevent future pain, tension and injury. First, use the Activ8r to release rigid and immobile tissue. Next, stretch out that tissue to maintain or increase the body's range of motion.

Use the Tension Relief System and the Activ8r for:

  • Prehabilitation - Regular use can prevent nagging injuries and persistent pain in the neck, shoulder, lower back and more.
  • Maximizing Performance - Whether a recreational or competitive athlete, users can prevent rigidity and increase body mobility. This allows runners and cyclists to keep their back loose for optimal movement. Golfers, baseball players, hockey players and tennis players can generate more rotational torque for a powerful swing.
  • Rehabilitation - Due to injury or just daily living, many people suffer from lower back pain and stiffness. The TRS Activ8r matches the anatomy of the spine for a liberating myofascial release through the mid to lower back.

The compact size and silicone construction of the TRS Activ8r sets it apart from other self-myofascial release products. It's easy to store and transport, you can toss it in the freezer for use as a cold compress and it's dishwasher safe for easy sanitization.

Full-color images, detailing all the body mobilization exercises included

Reg price: $39.95
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