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The TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) screen is a physical assessment of 17 movement patters designed to identify physical limitations that could be limiting your performance or putting you at risk of injury on the golf course. this is the same screen used with many PGA, LPGA and other tour professionals. this information obtained in the screen can be used by your TPI Certified Physiotherapist at FIT TO TRAIN to design a treatment plan, or relayed to you stregth and conditioning coach or golf professional to progress your golf-specific training and performance. This is not a swing analysis, which would be best assessed by a Golf Professional/Coach. 

1. Comprehensive history-taking, including golf specific items, previous injury profile and general health and lifestyle factors.

2. TPI screen completion.

3. If pain or significant dysfunction is present on the screen, the Selective Functional Movement Assessment will be performed.

4. Special tests to assess any musculoskeletal or neurological deficits will be performed, if necessary.

5. Findings will be discussed.

6. Plan will be reviewed and could include home exercises to address issues found on the screen; suggestions for treatment (ie. if an injury, pain or more significant dysfunction is identified); liaising with other members of your team (ie. Golf Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Massage Therapist, etc.); lifestyle modifications.

7. An email will be sent after the session with the TPI Screen results, including the result from each movement screened scored as "Needs Immediate Attention", "Caution", or "Normal"; how your findings could be affecting your golf swing characteristics (ie. over the top, hanging back, casting/scooping, early extension, etc); comparisons to elite golfers; and your overall "Golf Fitness Handicap Score".

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