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Shockwave Therapy is a treatment used in physical therapy, orthopedics, urology and cardiology. The shockwaves are abrupt, high amplitude pulses of mechanical energy, similar to soundwaves, generated by an electromagnetic coil or a spark in water. Similar technology using focused higher energies is used to break up kidney and gallstones, and is termed lithotrips. Shockwave Therapy is used to treat a growing number of tendon, joint and muscle conditions.

  • - Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • - Medial epicondylitis (golfer ˜s elbow)
  • - Chronic tendinitis of the knee
  • - Chronic shoulder rotator cuff pain and calcification 
  • - Achilles tendinitis
  • - Hamstring tendinitis
  • - Plantar fasciitis
  • - Heel pain and heel spur
  • - Scare tissue treatment
  • - Jumper's knee (Patellar tendonitis)
  • - Stress fractures
  • - Mortons Neuroma
  • - Shin pain (Tibial stress syndrome)

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