Sarah Jamieson Featured in the Georgia Straight

Sarah Jamieson Featured in the Georgia Straight

05-Jul-2013 Fit to Train's own Sarah Jamieson was featured in the Georgia Straight this week in an article that discusses how she plans to raise $1 million dollars by her 35th birthday. Sarah talks about how she ties her philanthropic goals with the work she does everyday as a Movement Coach at Fit to Train™

“With corrective management, we work with trainers and we work with coaches; we complement what they do,” Jamieson says. “It’s an integrative model. If you have issues with your spine, you see a chiropractor; if you have muscular issues, you see physiotherapist; if you have soft-tissue problems, you see a massage therapist. But a lot of people don’t know who’s appropriate to go to and when the right time is to do that. We help bridge that gap."

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